First Steps

Fantastic, courageous blog about living with MS


To whoever is reading my first ever blog post – thank you! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to do so. We live in a pretty fast paced world, one with a lot of distractions, links, Memes (which up until a few years ago I thought were pronounced ‘me-me’s’..), YouTube videos, cat videos, health articles, lad bibles and so so much more. So thanks again for taking the time to give this a look, even if it’s just for a moment 🙂

So now I am going to use my whole deep, meaningful open lines to link into what my blog is about (yeoooo look at me go already haha). The world is indeed getting faster – any of us lucky enough to have these luxuries have all been guilty of near breakdowns if our phones/internet connection/food isn’t fast enough “what the hell??! Are they actually killing the chicken, plucking…

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