Support Dogs

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love animals,  especially dogs. They are truly man’s best friend, and I think that this is especially true when it comes to support dogs.

I recently read about the amazing work support dogs can do to help people with various medical conditions (see for more details). It is well known that dogs help humans out when we are stranded on mountain sides or when we are visually impaired. But I did not realise until recently the other conditions that dogs can also help us with.

Support Dogs are also trained to aid people with epilepsy in recognising that a seizure is imminent. This means that people with epilepsy can find a safe place before their seizure has begun, thus ensuring that they are not injured during the seizure, for example, when using an oven or in a bath. Seizure alert dogs mean that people can have the confidence to go about their day to day lives, knowing that they will be safe when a seizure strikes.

Dogs can be used to assist those with other disabilities, for example, by opening doors or by loading the washing machine. Amazing that they can train a dog to do something I haven’t managed to train my fiance to do yet!! Again, these dogs increase people’s confidence and help them to live more independent lives without constant reliance on others.

One of the sweetest roles I feel that a dog can be trained to do is assisting children with autism. These dogs help to calm the child with autism during upsetting times and keep the child safe in what is an unpredictable world. Dogs can also increase a child’s ability to communicate with others, which can be difficult for people with autism.

All in all, I think dogs are pretty amazing! Reading about them really made me smile, and even if you’re not a dog fan, I’m sure you can see the benefits they can provide when man really needs them. I reckon the dogs are very much loved and rewarded in return.

If you’re considering donating to charity any time soon, consider

P.S. I’ve included a picture of my beautiful dog Molly (though she’s not likely to assist with anything except eating!) 🙂167342_493646586255_6144622_n